Korean Criminal Record Checks

We assist expats who have lived in Korea with Korean Police Clearance Certificates and Korean Criminal Record Check Certificates. The process to obtain these records, in Korea, is regrettably not so easy in many cases, because of a new Korean Law.

Korean criminal record checks
Criminal Record Checks in Korea

Why is a Criminal Record Check needed?

A criminal record check in Korea is typically required for some jobs, including teaching positions, as proof that the applicant did not commit any crimes while in Korea. It is also required if you are seeking an immigrant visa abroad and you might also require one to demonstrate your previous criminal record for a variety of job and education-related reasons.

Who can help you?

If you are not in Korea, the easiest way to obtain a Korean criminal record check is to hire an attorney to apply for the criminal record check for you. The attorney shall, normally, require the execution of a battery of documents, and then the attorney shall apply directly to The Korean National Police Agency for the criminal record check for Korea. In many cases, you may be required to submit fingerprints, but this can, often, be waived with the assistance of a Korean attorney.

Note that it is prohibited under Korean law to obtain a Korean police criminal background check with a lapsed record for any reason other than to examine your own criminal record. Some countries require a Korean criminal background check in order to apply for citizenship. However, it is against the law in Korea for anyone—whether Korean or foreigner—to ask for the record to be given to another organization or a third party. As a result, you can only request a police criminal history check if your record has not lapsed or you are applying, only, to examine your own criminal record.

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