What are the Main Imports into Korea? (Exporting to Korea)

Korea is one of the world’s largest importers of goods and services in the world. Opportunities for exporters to Korea abound. IPG Legal, a top-rated international law firm, assists companies exporting to and doing business with Korean companies. IPG Legal works on projects in North America, Korea, China and throughout Southeast Asia. Contact Us. To learn about Korea’s largest exports please see: Largest Exports from Korea to the World

Korean Imports

Top 20 Exports to Korea

  1. Petroleum and Petroleum Products
  2. Natural Gas
  3. Electronics & Electronic Equipment
  4. Industrial Machinery
  5. Chemical and Chemical Components
  6. Vehicles
  7. Iron & Steal
  8. Food, Beverage & Agricultural Raw Materials
  9. Plastics & Rubbers
  10. Aerospace & Defense
  11. Pharmaceuticals & Medical Equipment
  12. Textiles & Clothing
  13. Precious Metals and Stones
  14. Financial Services
  15. Educational Services
  16. Tourism Services
  17. Renewable Energy Product
  18. Construction Materials
  19. Entertainment Products & Services
  20. Intellectual Property & Technology

Korea is ranked as one the the Top 10 economies in the world. Korea is one of the largest importers and exporters in the world and opportunities for importers and exporters in Korea are vast and diverse. Korea is a growing market that is flush with opportunities.

If you are looking to see how IPG Legal can assist you succeed in the Korean market, please Schedule a Call with Sean Hayes.

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