Korean Electronic Travel Application (K- ETA) Explained

K-ETA (Korea Electronic Travel Authorization) is an online electronic travel authorization for travelers without a visa to Korea that can be obtained prior to entering the Republic of Korea (ROK) for leisure, business, or to visit family (except for profit-making projects).

If you are planning to visit South Korea and want to apply for the K-ETA, you can visit the official K-ETA website or its mobile application and submit an application on your own behalf or on behalf of another person. Applications can be submitted in both English and Korean.

You will have to check if your nationality fits into the category of the K-ETA eligible countries. Not every country is mentioned in this list and those nationals would have to apply via Korean embassies or consulates in their respective countries for a visa are exempt from the benefits of the K-ETA.

Travel Objectives Acceptable for K-ETA Admission into Korea
K-ETA is an online travel authorization that citizens of nations with visa-free access must get before travelling to the Republic of Korea for tourism, to see family, to attend events or meetings, or to conduct business (excluding profit-making activities).

If your visit fits within these categories, you can enter Korea without a visa by using K-ETA. If your travel is for work, school, immigration, or another reason, you must apply for the proper visa at a diplomatic mission of the Republic of Korea.

The current fee for K-ETA application is about 9-10 USD (10, 000KRW) , excluding any external expenses that might be incurred. This is a non-refundable fees, even if the application is denied.

Please note that the K-ETA approval does not guarantee entry to Korea and the final determination of a traveler’s entry will be made by the immigration official during immigration entry and inspections. False information in the application upon inspection may get you a penalty or an entry-ban.

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