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Korean Immigration Law is an evolving area of law in South Korea that often changes with the change of governments. IPG legal assists many business and individual clients that run afoul or wish not to run afoul of Korea’s Immigration Laws.

In worst-case scenarios, you can be deported from Korea, have an entry ban imposed, or be sent to a detention center or even receive a jail sentence. But, please know, for most individuals pathways exist to secure your visa status legally or to fight deportation orders.

IPG Legal

IPG Legal’s Immigration Practice Team

IPG Legal is one of the only law firms in Korea that caters to foreign businesses and the expat community in Korea. We are one of the most experienced law firms assisting non-Korean clients in the Korean market. We work with the best and brightest lawyers including retired senior Korean court judges, senior leadership in Korean government agencies, former international law firm lawyers, and top graduates from the major Korean and international law schools.

IPG Legal professionals are recognized internationally for delivering tailored and effective solutions to the most rewarding opportunities and most perplexing challenges via our strategy-first focus, intense dedication, and our love for assisting clients in winning opportunities and resolving challenges. We recently was awarded the award of Top Dispute Resolution Law Firm.

IPG is ranked in legal and business publications as top lawyers and business professionals because of our candid street-smart advice, global experience, local connections, and passion to consistently develop top talent. We work on matters for companies and individuals in North America, throughout most of Asia and in the Middle East. 

IPG Legal’s Immigration Team is successful in providing top-level service to our clients in obtaining different types of visas in Korea, such D-7, D-8, D-10, E-5, E-7, F-2 and F-5 visas. Our Korean lawyers, also, handle complex cases that include the worst-case scenarios mentioned at the beginning of this post and help clients stay in Korea legally.

We recommend reading a few of our articles on Immigration Law in Korea prior to hiring an attorney for your Korean immigration matter. The choice of lawyer is, likely, the most important choice you shall make.

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Immigration Law Lawyer in Seoul, Korea
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The Seoul Office of IPG Legal is located a short walk from Seoul Family Court. We, however, have experience handling matters throughout the Republic of Korea. Our cases are handled by experienced lawyers including retired senior Korean court judges, retired senior prosecutors, foreign lawyers with international and domestic experience, and former corporate counsel with domestic and international conglomerates.

If you would like a no cost initial consultation with an Immigration law attorney, please schedule a call at: Schedule a Call with an Attorney.

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