Top 100 Korean Lawyers & Legal Consultants in Korea

Sean Hayes, head of the Top Korean Dispute Resolution Law Firm of the Year was rated by LawAsia, one of the leading peer-reviewed publications in Asia, as a Top 100 Lawyer in Korea. Sean Hayes is one of the only non-Korean attorneys on this Korean Lawyer “A-list” and the only non-Korean that was on the list each year the list was published.

Sean Hayes is the first non-Korean attorney to have worked for the Korean court system (Constitutional Court of Korea) and one of the first non-Koreans to be a regular member of a Korean law faculty. Sean Hayes ran for election for Attorney General of the State of New York, regularly appears on major news programs, and has over 100 articles published in newspapers and legal publications. Sean Hayes spends his time between offices in Korea, New York, and the Philippines.

IPG Legal, the Korean Law Firm Sean works with, is ranked as a Top 10 Korean Law Firm and IPG’s retired Korean judges, retired Korean prosecutors, Korean attorneys, and former international corporate counsel are, among other areas, top Korean attorneys in Korean Corporate Law; Korean Criminal Defense Law, Korean Family Law, Korean Estate Law; Korean Franchise Law; and General Korean Business Law.

“The A-List is based on extensive research conducted by Asia Business Law Journal. To identify the top 100 lawyers in South Korea, we turned to thousands of in-house counsel within the country and around the world – as well as partners at international law firms – and asked them to tell us which lawyers should make the cut. Nominations were made by professionals at a wide range of South Korean and global companies, financial institutions and law firms.”

Korean A-List by LawAsia.

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