Opening & Managing a Bank Account in Korea

My friends at the Korean Tax Blog have an article on some difficulties with banking in Korea. I recommend reading the article.

Korean Banking

The blog post notes, in part, that:

“I have often received questions from foreigners about the banking system in Korea.

Even for Koreans, it is notoriously complicated. Although difficult to adequately explain the nuances of Korean banking (and the numerous issues surrounding online banking caused by Internet Explorer), I offer you a general guideline for using our system. If you’re an Apple Lover, forget it!

After completing your tax registration at a tax office, it is time to head to a bank near you and open an account. Even I had some difficulties with the banking process at first. However, it is after opening the account that the aforementioned internet problems really come into play. If you don’t have a great deal of patience in these matters, I do not recommend going through the process alone.”

Korean Tax Blog by CPA Joseph Zoh

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