IPG Legal Prevails for an American Father in a Korean Child Abduction Case against a Korean Mother

IPG Legal prevailed for an American Father against a Korean Mother who abducted children from America. The American father hired IPG Legal to assist in the return of the children to California via Korean Law and the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction. IPG Legal’s team included a retired senior Korean court judge, senior litigators, and internationally experienced attorneys. The Mother hired one of the largest ubiquitous Korean law firms and other Korean law firms to defend the Mother against the abduction charges. IPG Legal prevailed after a lengthy battle and the pushing for changes to the Korean Legal System to force abducting parents to involuntarily relinquish control over children.

IPG Legal's Child Abduction experience.

The Korean Mother abducted the Children from California and absconded with the Children to Korea. The Mother refused to return the Children to the Father even after IPG Legal prevailed in courts in Korea under the Hague Child Abduction Convention and Korean law. The Mother refused to give up control over the Children even after fines, a jail sentence imposed by the Korean Courts, and orders to return the child from Korean Courts. The major issue was the enforcement authorities were unwilling to enforce the court order without either the consent of the Mother or the consent of the young Children who were influenced by the control of the Mother.

But [Father] still could not get back his children due to what he described as a “flawed legal system.” Following multiple failed enforcement attempts, he had almost lost hope.

His case experienced a significant breakthrough in January when the Supreme Court implemented a new enforcement rule for Hague Abduction Convention cases. This rule no longer requires the child’s consent during the execution of the return order and mandates the presence of child welfare experts at the site to ensure their safety.

“Recognizing flaws in the outdated rule enacted in 1982, which appeared out of touch with reality when handling cases involving young children, the Ministry of Justice worked with the Supreme Court to come up with the new rule,” said attorney Min Ji-won of IPG Legal law firm, Sichi’s legal representative.

“It may sound a little odd not to ask the children’s opinion when retrieving them. But in reality, children at a very young age do not fully understand what’s going on and who they should listen to. This is what happened in Sichi’s case,” Min said.

US Dad Reunites with Kids Four Years after Abduction by Korean Spouse, Korea Times, Lee Hyo-jin

We are happy to announce that the Children are with the Father in California. Our client’s efforts and the aggressive advocacy of IPG Legal led to major changes in the Korean Legal System for the betterment of all in Korea. We suspect that with this change, South Korea we no longer be on the U.S. State Department’s Hague Child Abduction Convention Non-compliance list.

We are proud and congratulate the sincere and heroic efforts of Attorney Jiwon MIN. She even faced, because of her advocacy for her client a ridiculous investigation of her, a staff member, and the client by the police.

IPG Legal is one of the most experienced law firms handling Child Abduction and Family Law matters in Korea. We are one of the only firms that prevailed in adversarial court cases in which the abducting parent was unwilling to return the abducted child even after a Korean court order.

Our major advice in handling a matter in which a parent abducted a child and absconded with the child to Korea or another jurisdiction is to act quickly. In many cases, the most important choice shall be the law firm you retain, proactive consultation with your government, and the prompt filing of the appropriate court cases and other legal actions.

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