Korean Labor Law Checklist for Employers and Employees

The Korean Ministry of Labor created this list with revisions by Sean Hayes and IPG.  I will update the list periodically. The checklist is intended for all employers that employ five or more workers. The list contains many generalizations, thus, don’t take this as the end all list.  I suggest, also, clicking on the label to the right entitled Korean Employment Law.  Please note that Korea’s Labor Law is evolving rapidly, thus, this list may not reflect recent changes.   KOREAN LABOR STANDARDS ACT A Korean company should conclude a labor contract with every worker whom it directly employs. An employer, when concluding a labor contract, should clearly state terms of employment prescribed by the act. (Fine up to 5 million Won) An employer ordinarily, employing ten workers or more, should prepare rules of employment and submit them to the Ministry of Labor. (Civil fine up to 5 million Won) An

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