Lesson I: Korean Legal Terms & Phrases

This is a first in a serious of posts I shall make for those wanting to learn a little about Korean legal terms. I shall try to post a lesson every week.   I shall try to make this simple at first.  This may be a useful tool, also, for those that are just learning Korean, since I added a few simple sentence.  If you can’t read Korean characters – learn.  The alphabet is easy to learn and I promise that you shall never be able to pronounce words without learning the Korean alphabet. Lesson I: Korean for Korean Law I. Korean Words of the Week A. Supreme Court: 대법원 B. Constitutional Court: 헌법재판소 C. High Court: 고등법원 D. District Court: 지방법원 E. Administrative Court: 행정법원 F. Family Court: 가정법원 G. Patent Court: 특허법원 E. To Go: 가다 F. To Be : 이다 II. Weekly Korean Sentences A. I am going to

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