Does Korea have Common Law Marriage?: Korean Common Law Marriage (De Facto Marriage) Basics

While the concept of a Korean Common Law Marriage (since Korea has no concept of a Common Law) does not exist, Korea has a similar law than the laws, in the States, often referred to as Common Law marriage.  FYI – few U.S. States recognize common law marriage. In Korea, the concept of Common Law Marriage is referred to as De Facto Marriage.  In Korea, all “legal marriages” are marriages that are registered at the local town office or recognized via marriage abroad (comity).  The De Facto Marriage is a limited exception to this “legal marriage” concept.  The following is a basic explanation of the major relevant aspects of Korea’s De Facto Marriage Law. Korean Common Law Marriage (De Facto Marriage in Korea) Situations A De Facto Marriage is recognized by a Korean Court, typically, in three different basic situations: The couple has publicized, announced or otherwise outwardly showed their

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