Korean Pretrial Detention: Korean Criminal Law Basics

Korea allows a prosecutor, via approval by a court, the right to hold a defendant pending trial in a criminal case for up to 180 days.  The approval by the Court is the granting of a Pretrial Detention Warrant, also, often referred to, in English, as Korean Arrest Warrant.  In most cases, a decision, in a criminal case, must be rendered within 180 days of the time of the detention or the Defendant must be released from detention prior to the rendering of the judgment by the court.  While bail is possible, in Korea, bail is not typically granted.  In the not so distant past, when a prosecutor requested a Pretrial Detention Warrant (Pretrial Arrest Warrant), the court nearly universally approved this Pretrial Detention Warrant. Prosecutors, normally, rarely fail to obtain a Pretrial Detention Warrant, however, with a proactive Korean Defense Attorney, often a release pending the disposition in a case

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