Guardianship Law in Korea: The Lotte Family Conservatorship Saga Continues

With news late in 2016 that the Seoul Family Court Appointed a Law Firm as Legal Guardian for Shin Kyuk Ho, founder of Lotte Group, and the negative effect the ruling had on his elder son’s efforts to regain control of the conglomerates, it is a good time for business owners and their families to understand what guardianship law may mean for businesses and families in Korea. Guardianship Law in Korea The Adult Guardianship Act of 2011 of Korea in the main law, in Korea, creating a Guardianship/Conservatership System in Korea. Under the Guardianship Act of Korea, a family court, in Korea, may declare a person to be legally “limited-incapable” if, as a result of, inter alia, mental illness or disability, a person lacks the mental capacity to make his or her own decisions or will jeopardize the livelihood or their family’s livelihood in he or she does make decisions

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