English-Speaking Criminal Defense Team Lead by Retired Korean Presiding Judge

IPG’s Criminal Defense Team is lead by a leading Korean criminal defense attorney – retired Judge SJ Kook.  Hiring a proactive, connected and respected lawyer in Korea is essential in all criminal matters in Korea. Judge Kook, to date, has earned, for clients, over 60 not guilty verdicts.  He works on may Korean criminal matters with Sean Hayes, a retired prosecutor and internationally-experienced Korean attorneys. Judge Kook is a graduate of Seoul National University and Columbia Law School.  He retired as a presiding judge.  For more info on IPG please see: www.ipglegal.com IPG’s Representative Criminal Defense Cases: Not guilty verdicts for two employees of a major American defense company in a criminal prosecution concerning Korean defense contracts. Not guilty verdict for an American military officer charged with a violent crime. Not guilty verdict for an employee of an American defense contractor charged with a violent crime. Obtained a suspended jail sentence

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