Korean Feasibility Studies will Save You Money and Headaches in Korea

I have worked in projects in Korea for over a decade and I see too many investors and companies engaging in projects in Korea, without conducting an adequate or even any feasibility study. The feasibility study should be performed by an attorney in Korea with the active participation of a seasoned Korean business consultant. A business consultant, alone, is not enough. Attorneys deal in numerous projects simultaneously and sometimes have a better grasp of the market and pitfalls than business consultants, because of these experiences. Beware, however, some attorneys that only deal with transactional work are, too often, not adequately prepared to give the advice necessary to assist clients. I always work with business consultants, since they often do a great job of complementing my experience. My favorite to work with in good old Tom Coyner. Tom has been in Korea since the 1970s and this old hat has seen

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