Establishing a Company in Korea: New Korean Corporate Forms Available under Revised Korean Code

According to the Ministry of Justice, over 95% of corporations in Korea are formed as a Chushik Hoesa, while the Korean Commercial Code (KCC), at this time, defines four different types of Korean potential business entities.  In order to allow a little more flexibility, two new business forms have been created.  The recent amendment to the Korea Commercial Code, that will be promulgated from April of 2012, introduces two new forms of Korean business entities: Hapja Johap (LLP) Yuhan Chaekim Hoesa  (LLC) We expect that more foreign investors will choose the Hapja Johap and Yuhan Chaekim Hoesa forms and few new market entrants will utilize the Yuhan Hoesa form, because of the added flexibility of the Hapja Johap. Chushik Haesa (Joint Stock Company – Co. Ltd./Corp./Ltd.) Chushik Hoesa is the only corporate entity that is allowed, at the present, to publicly issue shares.  The revision will not change this.  The vast majority of incorporators in Korea chose the

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