Korean Inheritance Law: Who Inherits What, When & How in Korea?

If a decedent, governed by Korea’s Inheritance Law, dies without a will (intestate succession) the estate of decedent shall pass according to Korea’s Intestate Succession Law.  The key points of Korean Intestate Succession Law and Korean Inheritance Law is noted below.  We deal with many cases, at our law firm in Korea, where a Korean family member requests a U.S. or European family member to disclaim an inheritance.  Normally, a form is provided to the foreign family member.  We suggest understanding the situation and understanding what you are disclaiming.  For an article on this issue please see: Disclaiming an Inheritance & Renouncing an Estate in Korea.  Korean Intestate Succession Law Priorities under Korea’s Intestate Succession Law:  Direct descendants (children and grandchildren); Direct ascendants (parents and grandparents); Siblings (brothers and sisters); and Relatives within the 4th Degree. If a spouse survives the decedent and descendants survive within the First or Second

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