Korea Immigration Deportation, Departure/Exit Orders: Immigration Law Basics

The Korea Immigration Service, a branch of the Ministry of Justice, has in the past few years increased enforcement actions against foreigners committing crimes and even cases of foreigners having charges dismissed by the Korea Prosecution Service.  Korean Exit Orders, Deportation Orders or other actions by Korea Immigration Service are challengeable at the Administrative Court for abuse of discretion. In most cases, it is near impossible to succeed in these challenges without an experienced and proactive attorney.  Because of Korean legal realities, it is advisable to retain, for the administrative court case, a proactive retired Korean court judge that, actually, actively works on cases.  Much said in an article concerning criminal lawyers applies to the hiring of an Immigration Lawyer, thus, it is advisable to read: English-speaking Korean Defense Lawyers The majority of tools needed for criminal defense work are need in challenges of Immigration Orders. Abuse of Discretion by Korean Immigration

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