Korea’s Improper Solicitation & Graft Act?: Scope of Application

The Scope of Application of the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act of Korea (“Graft Act”) was a hotly contested issue that led to Korean court challenges.  The Constitutional Court of Korea has upheld the Graft Act of Korea.  More details, including a list of articles on the Graft Law of Korea, may be found at: Improper Solicitation & Graft Act of Korea. The Scope of Application is defined in Article 2 & Article 11 of the Bribery Act.  The Act applies to both Korean and foreign nationals.  The Act applies to foreign nationals, only, for prohibited acts within Korea and to Koreans for prohibited acts universe wide. Summary of the Scope of Application of the Graft Act of Korea Article 1(a) Institutions Highest Government Organs (National Assembly, Ordinary Courts, Constitutional Court) Other Government Organs (election commissions, Board of Audit and Inspection, Human Rights Commission) Central Government Administrative Agencies Local Governments

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