Korea Immigration Service’s Immigration Logic: Appeared in the Korea Times by Sean Hayes

The following article appeared in the Korea Times on January 4, 2007 and was entitled Immigration Logic. The article was part of a column written by Sean Hayes. Immigration Logic An article entitled “Misunderstanding of the New E-2 Visa” appeared in The Korea Times on Dec. 27. An Immigration official, seemingly speaking for the Ministry of Justice, wrote the article.  He said that articles by “E-2 visa holding English teachers were shocking to my colleagues and myself who work in the Korea Immigration Service, the Ministry of Justice.” The article notes that Mr. David Louis Quick, and others, made “incorrect claims” in articles written and that “When one makes arguments, it is very easy for people to fall into the trap of emotional feelings and become very illogical, unless he is well trained in logical reasoning.”  The article continues, in this condescending tone, by stating that the author is “a

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