Korean Employment Law & Labor Law amendments under Pres. Moon Administration

President Moon President Moon promised during his presidential campaign to make major changes to Korean Labor Law & Korean Employment Law .  President Moon intends to make Korean Labor Law more protective and beneficial for workers.  The major changes,  in short,  promised by the new administation are the following: Create 810,000 New Jobs via expanding Korea’s Public Sector President Moon has vowed to create over 340,000 new government social service jobs and over 140,000 new government jobs in public safety and security while converting 300,000 non-regular workers to permanent workers. Impose Limitations on the Utilization of Non-Regular Workers in Korea President Moon has vowed to propose a bill that some have named the “Special Act on Preventing Discrimination Against Non-Regular Workers.”  This Bill would, among other things, according to the President Moon Administration: Impose limits on the use of part-time and fixed-term workers to only work that is seasonal or

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