Doing Business in Korea: The Korea labor market under the Moon administration

The election of progressive President Jae-in Moon, after the impeachment and imprisonment of the conservative former President, led to, among other progressive proposals, pledges from the President Moon Administration of sweeping changes to Korea’s Labor & Employment Law.  The following appears in a publication supported by the Korean Government.  The complete publication may be found at: Discovering Business in Korea.  The following changes are the major changes proposed by the Moon Administration. The changes may have a significant affect on companies doing business in Korea and may lead to an increase in taxes as a percentage of GDP. 810,000 new jobs via expanding Korea’s public sector President Moon vowed to create over 340,000 new government social service jobs and over 140,000 new government jobs in public safety and security, while converting 300,000 non-regular workers to permanent workers.  A non-regular worker, in Korea, is a worker without employment security. Thus, the conversion of

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