Korean Governmental Regulations Stifle Innovations and the Role of Korean Law Firms

The Korea Joonang Daily has a good piece concerning the effect of over-regulation on Korean innovation. The article brings to my mind the important role Korean Law Firms should play in preserving economic and individual liberties (basic rights). The reality is without a strong push in the National Assembly (which seems hopeless) the, only option is the courts.  As many readers may know, I formerly worked for the Constitutional Court of Korea.  The Constitutional Court can be a useful tool in fighting the numerous useless, unnecessary, peculiar and often simply non-nonsensical Korean regulations. The answer to this issue, thus, may be to encourage the few proactive, unconflicted and experience Korean Law Firms with experience with complex contentious litigation to take these type cases to the Court.  Korean Law should grant the right to courts to award attorney fees to prevailing lawyers for a sum that is commensurate with the actual cost of

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