Amendment to the Korean Protection of Military Bases and Installations Act 2019

The Amendment to the Protection of Military Bases and Installations Act of Korea was proposed by the Korean Chair of the National Defense Committee on April 4, 2019 and shall become effective in the autumn of 2019. The Amendment stipulates the extension of the scope of “protection zones” within a military base or installation in Korea and amends the process to remove the status as a “protection zone” with the return of the concerning military base or installation to the Korean government. Increasing the Scope of the Protected Zones in a Military Base or Installation in the Republic of Korea The purpose of the aforementioned Act is to “…to contribute to the national security by providing for matters necessary for the protection of military bases and installations and smooth conduct of military operations.“ To the term “military installations” under the amendment adds in Art. 2: Protection of Military Bases and

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