Korea Notarizations, Apostille, Powers of Attorney, Consularizations, Legalizations of Korean Translations and Documents

Our Korean lawyers at our law firm in Korea receive numerous emails requesting our services in assisting with either legalization of a Korean translation for use in court, authentication, notarization or apostille of a Korean, Chinese, American, British, French, German, Russian or other country document for either use in Korea or use in another country. We, normally, receive these calls from fellow attorneys, a financial institution or an individual with the need for an important document to be “legalized” for an important transaction.  Many times these documents are required for foreign or Korean courts, administrative agencies and quasi-government institutions.  Usually, the person contacting us believes the procedure shall take a trivial amount of time. Usually the party contacting us believes that we can just stamp the document and the matter is complete. We wish things were so easy. Often getting documents recognized by a Korean government entity or recognized by

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