Part-time Worker Annual Paid Leave Obligations under the Korean Labor Standards Act

Employers, in Korea, are in most cases required to grant annual paid leave to full-time and even part-time workers working in Korea-based companies.  Exceptions to this Korean annual paid leave law exist for Korean workers that work, on average, less than 15 hours per week for these Korean-based companies. Article 18 of the Korean Labor Standards Act notes that: “(1) The terms and conditions of employment of part-time workers shall be determined on the basis of relative ration computed in comparison to those work hours of full-time workers engaged in the same kind of work at the pertinent workplace.” However, annual paid vacation leave and other articles/obligations under the Korean Labor Standards Act do not apply to “workers whose contractual work hours per week on an average of four weeks (in cases where their working periods are less then four weeks, then, based on such period of work) are less

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