Calculation of Korean Hourly Wage Rate under the Minimum Wage Act of Korea

Korea’s minimum wage as per the Korean Minimum Wage Act in 2019 is determined by the Minister of Employment & Labor as KRW 8,350 per hour. The latest decisions of the Supreme Court developed a calculation standard/method for determining an hourly wage rate that is not in line with the opinion of the Ministry of Employment & Labor. In many such cases, a Ministry, simply, pushes to amend the law. This matter is important, since the standard hourly wage rate is a necessary mathematical component to calculate the monthly salary of employees. Korean Minimum Wage Act The Korean Minimum Wage Act’s main purpose is to provide a minimum sum per hour to employees that employers must, at least, pay to employees. The fear, in short, is that without a minimum wage, employers may be able to exploit vulnerable workers. The appropriate hourly minimum wage under the Korean Minimum Wage Act

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