Korean Price-Fixing Law: Defining the Relevant Market in Korea Antitrust Law

The Seoul High Court (2009 NU 1930, May 19, 2010) has overruled a decision of the Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) in a case concerning price-fixing by luxury car importers. The KFTC has appealed the this pivotal price-fixing case.  We shall update the reader. The High Court ruled that a price-fixing arrangement (restriction on discounts from MSRP) between Lexus car dealers was not an “unfair collective act” under Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act Art. 19 (1) thus overruling the decision of the KFTC that imposed a fine and ordered the dealers not to engage in the price-fixing arrangement. The KFTC has also imposed a fine on other luxury car importers. The KFTC opined that the relevant market was the market for the particular car and not the entire car or luxury car market. Thus, the Commission ruled that the act restrained trade absolutely within the relevant particular car luxury

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